The best waist trainer

Prolongued use shapes and reduces waist circunference.

Protects the lumbar region and abdominal muscles from physical injuries.

Avoid back pain or spinal injuries. Improve your posture.


Romina Basualdo. Athlete, fitness model and fashion designer.

My name is Romina Basualdo. I’m an athlete, a fitness model and a designer. I’m proud to be the first Argentinian Bikini Fitness to get a PRO Card and be able to represent my country in the professional IFBB League. I’m currently competing in the professional IFBB PRO in the United States, and living in the city of Miami, Florida, where I’m making my dream come true.

The best waist trainer

Sculpts the abdomen and waist by compression

Improves posture

Protects the lumbar region from injuries caused by effort.

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